About the band


Shipbuilding mk 1 began gigging in August 2015 as a Cardiff duo, evolving into a trio in 2016 featuring Tom Rowan on drums and Geraint Jenkin on bass.

Shipbuilding deliver an exciting and entirely original set culled from the songs vocalist-guitarist Jon Blake has written from the Eighties to the present day.  Influences include The Jam, Talking Heads, REM, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Clash, The Pixies, The Weakerthans, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, The Eels, The Verve, Elvis Costello, Rory Gallagher, David Bowie, The Doors.

Songs recorded by Shipbuilding mk 1 can be found here: new recordings and videos will be online shortly.  Lyrics can be found here.


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